Prison by Age 30

60% of all African-American, high school dropout males will be in prison by age 30.

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A person convicted of a felony faces a lifetime of barriers to employment, housing, education and voting.

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Women are the fastest growing prison segment, nearly double the rate of men. 74% of women in state prisons were victims of abuse prior to their incarceration.


Before Jail

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67% of released prisoners will re-offend and return to prison within 3 years, and 77% will be arrested again within 5 years.

Back Again

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My Dad's In Jail

2.7 million children in the United States will go to bed tonight with at least one parent in prison or jail.

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UPLIFTING Inspirational TV Programming.
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Free4Life donates free satellite installations of The Word Network to all local, state and federal correctional facilities across the United States.

Free4Life delivers daily messages of hope through faith-based satellite TV programming designed to inspire, empower and rehabilitate incarcerated men and women behind prison walls as they prepare to lead meaningful lives upon release.

By providing quality religious programming to inmates at no cost to correctional institutions or taxpayers, Free4Life can make a positive difference in reducing generational prison recidivism, restore families and help create communities with less crime in urban inner cities.

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The Challenge

The U.S has less than 5% of the world’s population, but almost 25% of the world’s prisoners.  Today 2.3 million inmates are behind bars. Inner cities are locked in cycles of crime, drug abuse and violence.

 One in three African American males can expect to spend time in prison during his lifetime.  Blacks make up about 13 percent of the nation’s overall population and 46 percent of the prison population.

The incarceration rate for African Americans is so high that young black men without a high school diploma are more likely to go to jail than to find a job, thereby causing the breakup of families and instilling further poverty upon them.

Without intervention, imprisonment sadly turns into a family affair with a pervasive cycle of repeat offenders within the same household generation after generation.

Despite the dire statistics, there is a hope stirring in the inner cities across America – there is growing evidence lives can be changed and communities restored!

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Based on my experience, ministering and teaching in the prisons, as well as reports from prison officials, faith-based teachings and worship opportunities prove transformational for inmates. Free4Life’s urban faith-based TV programming would be a tremendous asset in helping offenders discard unhealthy attitudes, overcome destructive behaviors and prepare to make positive contributions upon release from prison.

Antipas L. Harris
Pastor and President of the Urban Renewal Center

The insidious cycle of generational incarceration in the urban community must be broken. Free4Life inspirational TV programming can not only change individuals in fostering positive thinking and prosocial behavior that breaks that cycle, but also make prisons more humane and less violent. Having Free4Life as a part of the menu of choices for offenders who want to make a new life for themselves is not simply smart, it is right.

Todd Clear Ph.D.
Professor at School of Criminal Justice and former Provost of Rutgers University-Newark

Criminogenic research reveals that pro-social thinking and pro-social relationships are the two most important factors in changing criminal behavior, reducing recidivism and promoting successful reentry. Free4Life broadcasting offers models of thinking and relationships that address these critical needs and reinforce the values and support given in evidence-based programs currently in place in our nation’s correctional systems, both in institutions and the community.

Dr. Howard Dean Trulear
Associate Professor of Applied Theology at Howard School of Divinity,
and National Director of Healing Communities