3 Ways to Apply

  1. Fill out the application below and click SUBMIT
  2. Download the PDF to fill out and email to free4life@thewordnetwork.org
  3. Complete the form and FAX to Glorystar Satellite at (916) 644-6312
Download PDF Form

Please provide the following information to request a Free4Life installation of The Word Network channel in addition to donated satellite equipment for your correctional facility completely free of charge. We recommend you consult with your maintenance or engineering department to provide the technical portion of the form. Your warden or authorized representative must approve the application.

A copy will be sent to your email.

About Your Facility

    Number of Inmates

    About Your Facility's Current Distribution System

    Question 1: Is your facility currently wired for video distribution?

    If yes, please answer the questions below. If no, please skip to Question 2.

    How many television sets are connected?

    Number of Head End Rooms?

    Where video distribution equipment is located

    If yes, are there multiple units/buildings that have separate TV distributions?

    What building is the Head End Room located in?

    Please be specific on location, i.e. Bldg. C, Equipment Room

    Question 2: If your facility does NOT have video distribution, what area would you like connected to receive Free4Life?

    Chapel, Day Room, etc. – Please be specific, i.e. Building A, Day Room

    Does the facility receive local cable channels?

    If yes, please give name of cable system

    Please indicate if this is a correctional cable provider

    Does the facility have a broadcast antenna installed?

    Does the facility receive satellite broadcasts?

    If yes, what satellite systems are installed?

    If Other, please enter the name of the system

    I approve The Word Network channel to be installed at our facility.

    Thank you and we look forward to serving you!