Is Failure Final?

The man who suffered betrayal, mockery and death was Jesus Christ. Even before He created the world, it was God’s plan for His Son, Jesus, to come to earth, live as a man—experiencing all the pain, emotions, and temptations that we do—and then die a horrible death. But why would God send His own Son to suffer and die? How could this apparently total failure be part of the plan?

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Family and Parenting Matters

Four ways incarcerated fathers can help with their children’s education

Education is critical to a child’s success in life. Here are four ways incarcerated fathers can help with their children’s education.

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Incarcerated Parents: How to cope when you can’t connect

A list of ideas for prisoners on how to address the pain of separation from their children during incarceration.

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Let’s Face It

It’s amazing how feelings show unmistakably on the faces of young children. They don’t mask what’s on their minds. Their facial expressions clearly reflect what’s going on in their hearts. That’s not the case for most men. Masking emotions doesn’t help build healthy relationships—especially with our children. And when our facial expressions keep people out of our lives, we’ve got a problem.

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Visiting Room Sabotage

When it comes to prison visitation, there is something I call “visiting room sabotage.” It’s that thing that happens when you were hoping for a good visit and it suddenly goes south. It’s when, by the close of the event, both parties wind up hurt and angry and later feel guilty for sabotaging their own visit.

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Totally Fun Tests

FOR DADS AND CHILDREN A cool tool to help you know your kids better.

FOR DADS AND TEENS A cool tool to help you know your kids better.

FOR MOMS AND CHILDREN A cool tool to help you know your kids better.

FOR MOMS AND TEENS A cool tool to help you know your kids better.

Prison Life Matters

Give Christmas to Someone Else

A list of ideas inspired by prisoners across the country who have found ways to make the season brighter.

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How to Brighten the Holidays Behind Bars

Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus. He is the greatest gift we could ever receive!

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Practical Matters

Be Your Own Best Advocate

Even behind bars, you can be your own best advocate. Your mindset is the single greatest factor in whether you do your time or use your time.

Getting the Benefits You Earned as a Veteran

Of the 23 million veterans in the United States today, an estimated 140,000 are in prison or jail. And many veterans—imprisoned or not—are unaware of the help available to them. Did you know that in recent years, Congress has expanded many benefits for veterans, including disability, pensions, and health care, while easing eligibility requirements?

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Piecing Together a College Education

Picking a college, earning credits, and affording higher education while in prison.

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Smart Ways to Handle Your Money

Managing family finances, living without credit, and other financial matters.

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Emotional and Spiritual Matters

Encouraging Bible Verses for those Affected by Incarceration

The Bible is the ultimate source of encouragement and as such can give hope to those facing the challenges and consequences of crime and incarceration.

ANGER: Ally or Enemy?

A former inmate said anger is the only acceptable emotion in prison. There are many reasons to be angry behind bars: loss of freedom, disrespect from fellow inmates, and so-called friends and family that have vanished. In contrast, what the Bible says about anger seems strange. Ephesians 4:31 says, “Let all bitterness and wrath and anger … be put away from you, along with all malice.”

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ANGER: It’s all in How You Think

Confronting anger and changing destructive thought patterns.

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Can Sardines be Lonely?

Dealing with loneliness and learning how to reach out to other prisoners.

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Coming Back from the Unspeakable Crime

There is hope for those who have committed a sex crime.

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Life of Joseph

Dealing with a tragic family background, overcoming temptation, and more.

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Sex Matters

Understanding the battle with sex. Adopted from Waylon Ward’s Sex Matters: Men Winning the Battle.

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Solving the Puzzle of Depression

Learn more about depression and how you can find comfort in dark times.

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Surviving a Secret Shame

Sexual abuse is an uncomfortable topic, but it happens all too often—affecting girls, boys, women, and men alike. Despite the tough facades they may put up, a disproportionate number of prisoners know this firsthand. As a volunteer, you may come into contact with an inmate who discloses painful details of past sexual abuse. Unresolved, that pain will continue to drive the inmate into destructive behaviors. Though you may not have a background in counseling, you can help direct a prisoner toward healing.

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Daily Light on the Prisoner's PathDaily Light on the Prisoner’s Path

J.R. Woodgates

Your incarcerated relative or friend is facing daily physical and spiritual perils. This unique daily Christian survival guide will show them how they can receive God’s full pardon, forgiveness, and acceptance, along with a new identity as a loved son of the Father, a positive sense of purpose and expectation, and will show how to repulse the spiritual and emotional assaults of the enemy.

Free on the InsideFree on the Inside

By Zondervan

Developed in conjunction with Prison Fellowship, this low-cost, large print NIrV Free on the Inside Large Print Bible is a powerful tool for prison ministry. With a softcover binding, personal testimonies, additional study helps, and the easy-to-read and understand text of the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV), Bible study in prison ministries will be even more insightful.

Prisoners in the Bible

By Zach Sewell

Each chapter in this book explores the story of a different person in the Bible who was imprisoned, and considers the unique way that God was at work in their situation. The purpose of this book is to encourage people who are currently incarcerated by showing them how God has worked through the difficult situation of imprisonment many times before.