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We’ve all heard the adage – it takes a village. And it will take all of us working together to  overcome the plague of crime and mass incarceration infecting our cities and neighborhoods.

Faith-based organizations are doing their part to reduce recidivism in a variety of ways. Behind bars, they teach and pray with prisoners while helping them maintain vital contact with their families. Once those inmates are released, they’re connected with local ministries and re-entry centers that will actively mentor those who have experienced a life-changing encounter with Christ behind bars.

COMING SOON! Each month we’ll be highlighting organizations working to dismantle the underlying causes that foster criminal behavior, while restoring those who have served their time to a productive life. You’ll learn about people of faith assisting across the entire criminal justice spectrum—from alternative programs for juveniles to support services for newly released ex-offenders.

Do you have a powerful story of how your ministry or organization is working to break the cycle of imprisonment and recidivism in your community or the prison system?  Please share it with our team for consideration to be featured in The Community Spotlight.

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Photo courtesy of The Urban Renewal Center in Norfolk, VA

Partnership News

Free4life is building strategic partnerships with other faith-based organizations and agencies who believe in the power of a second chance for offenders and are committed to creating a collaborative, reentry-focused culture.  By combining our efforts and resources, we can make communities safer across America and change millions of lives for the better.


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