Thank you for your interest in sharing your testimony with us! 

In conjunction with our Free4Life prison outreach, we will initially share testimonies that are selected on Word’s Facebook page and our Free4Life website, but may eventually expand into other media platforms, such as video and television.

To get started, please answer the following questions to the best of your ability. If you don’t have an  answer to a question, either respond “don’t know” or skip over it.  If this form is not sufficient to tell your story, please email us at or write us at The Way Home c/o The Word Network, 20733 W. 10 Mile Rd., Southfield, MI 48075

    1. Are you sharing your own story or that of a friend or family member?

    2. If sharing for a friend or family member, what is their name?

    (If concerned with privacy, use their first name only.)

    3. Year Incarcerated

    4. Year Released (or “Present”)

    5. Were you a Christian when first sent to prison?

    6. What happened while you were imprisoned to change your relationship with God?

    7. How has your life changed since your prison experience with God?

    8. What has helped you the most in making a successful transition after your release from prison?

    9. Please share the names of any organizations, churches, or other resources that have been pivotal in your journey from prison back to the outside. (These could include mentors, employment counselors, addiction recovery programs, housing, and educational courses.) Provide as much detail possible, such as the name of a contact person, phone number, email address or website.

    10. If your story is selected, would you be willing to share a photo?

    Thank you so much for sharing! Due to the volume of responses, we may not be able to publish every testimony or resource that is submitted, but you will receive a confirmation of receipt via email.

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