The Free4Life program provides The Word Network programming, satellite reception equipment, professional installation and ongoing maintenance to U.S. correctional facilities completely free of cost.

As the world’s leading urban faith-based TV channel, The Word Network features family friendly entertainment, uplifting ministry shows, top inspirational speakers, the best in gospel music and relevant urban lifestyle programming that resonates with black culture.

Every Free4Life TV program and show delivers hope, motivation, and thought-provoking content to offenders who want to make a change for the better and refresh their perspective of the world and themselves.

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Free4Life is dedicated to reducing generational prison recidivism, healing families and strengthening communities through urban faith-based television programming that reflects the positive values of the black community.


Break the cycle of intergenerational incarceration with life-affirming inspirational TV programming for inmates

Free4Life’s mission is to break the cycle of inter-generational incarceration and reduce the level of violence in institutions by providing uplifting and transformative television programming to prisoners.

It is our belief that a meaningful change in behavior occurs only through the renewal of heart and mind by the Holy Spirit. Free4Life assists with the rehabilitative process by providing inmates with free, round-the-clock television filled with life-giving messages of hope, forgiveness and encouragement.

Does it work? Yes! Studies show that incarcerated men and women who have received and accepted Jesus’ message of redemption have much lower rates of recidivism (return to prison) for the first year of their release. And getting a prisoner’s life on a positive track often results in improved lives for their loved ones, too!

Free4Life television empowers prisoners to reach their full potential as human beings—offering them spiritual freedom and a strong sense of self-worth—whether they are eventually released, or serving life sentences.

Working together, we can share in the vision of seeing prisoners’ lives transformed and their families and communities positively impacted—as inmates discover that they can truly be Free4Life!

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As a 22-year veteran of the New York City Police Department, and an elected official in America’s largest city, I know that the safety of our communities is our utmost priority. I’m a strong advocate of utilizing faith-based community assets to tackle crime and mass incarceration, particularly in reaching the disadvantaged in our inner cities.

Faith-based programs like Free4Life contribute to making correctional staff work environments safer, with reduced threats of violence and hostility. They offer opportunities for self-improvement, helping inmates function more productively in their communities upon release. Healthy parolees can fortify struggling families and help resurrect their communities. The more lives we can restore, the safer a city we can be.

Eric L. Adams
Brooklyn Borough President, retired NYPD captain,
and co-founder of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care

While billions of dollars are spent to keep people in prison, very little is done to help people prepare to reenter and thrive in society. Free4Life is an inspirational program that can help people in prison develop positive thinking and caring behaviors, without costing a dime to institutions. I dream of many such programs, but for now Free4Life is a maverick.

Ram A. Cnaan, Ph.D.
Director, Program for Religion and Social Policy Research,
Faculty Director of Goldring Reentry Initiative, University of Pennsylvania

I believe that it is never too late to resuscitate a soul, a spirit for success, victory, not victimization. And that is why Free4Life is a vital endeavor. If there is anything needed within the confines of American prisons is a rejuvenation of the Christian faith, a personal resurrection and restoration. We must defeat the growing issue of first time criminal offenses, and reducing the rate of recidivism is key.

Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West
(US Army, Retired) Member, 112th US Congress