The Word Network and Healing Communities team up to provide a comprehensive approach to rehabilitate prisoners through inspirational media while incarcerated and the crucial support system after offenders are released.

The Word Network is the world’s leading urban faith-based TV channel. The Free4Life Initiative donates free satellite installations of The Word Network to all local, state and federal correctional facilities across the nation. Free4Life delivers continuous messages of hope through faith-based satellite TV programming designed to inspire, empower and rehabilitate inmates behind prison walls as they prepare to lead meaningful lives upon release.

Dr. Harold Dean Trulear, founder and national director of Healing Communities, has long been a leading advocate on criminal justice issues. As a professor and an ex-prisoner, he has spoken, preached and written about America’s broken prison system and worked to create faith-based networks that provide critical support for inmates and their families after their release. Through his Healing Communities organization, he has published numerous guides and conducts training seminars that provide a framework for churches to act as “Stations of Hope” for returning prisoners. Visit

We’re extremely honored to have the benefit of Dr. Trulear’s expertise as an advisor to the Free4Life prison initiative.